June table & July tray
by Jean-François D'Or

Tables & trays collection

June is a table collection builts with straight basic grafic lines with Cruso high quality finishing and materials. The assemble construction of the base brings a long storage place under the top plate. A collection of stackable wooden trays fits within that storage gap.

Wooden oak base | wooden oak top plate | Colors range


June table 240 x 80 x H75 cm

June table 240 x 90 x H75 cm

June table 240 x 100 x H75 cm

June table 300 x 80 x H75 cm

June table 300 x 90 x H75 cm

June table 300 x 100 x H75 cm

July small tray 14 x 24 cm | July large tray 24 x 42 cm

Jean-François D'Or

Edited by Cruso | Produced and distributed by Cruso


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In a lively but delicate gesture, he slipped the tray in the ample storage gap underneath the table; I did not know if I was still permitted to take these fresh September nuts. June was the name of the table, July the name of those trays.