Ligne Roset
by jean-françois d'or

jardin potager

within cold and wet soils, basil and macedonia parsley do not germinate, or rather germinate so late that their seed can not get mature; lettuce can be planted in small gardener, as soon as they start having big ears

Excerpt from  Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie, vegetable gardener of king Louis XIV

outdoor collection


Jean-Baptiste is a multi functional piece of outdoor furniture that either works as ad-hoc stool seat, as a pedestal for plant pot or as a support for plate tray.

Natural burnt larch wooden stool
White enamelled sandstone gardener pot and removable tray side table

Wooden stool D27 x H45 cm 
Pot on stool pedestal D30 x H18 cm 
Plate on stool pedestal D55 x H8 cm

Jean-François D'Or

Ligne Roset | Produced and distributed by Ligne Roset

Part of Grand Hornu Museum CID collection.

Pictures © Ligne Roset

Eulogy of Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie, gardener of the vegetable garden of king Louis XIV

Jean-Baptiste outdoor collection starts with a set of wooden stool. A vegetable gardener pot is then designed to fit on those stools. Garden planter mounted up on pedestal to grow aromatic plants on balcony or terrace. 

A large tray is also designed to fit on those stools, building an outdoor side table with a removable top plate.

Stool made of natural burnt larch wood.
Gardener pot and removable tray made of white enamelled sandstone.